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History and Company Details

Triple Win Strategies, LLC (TWS) was founded on July 11, 2014. It is a Woman Owned, small business. The president of TWS is Carla Raupp. Raupp’s skillful business development technique is proven in her professional history of bid development of multi-billion-dollar programs and the execution of contract deliverables for the total product life cycle. TWS leads and orchestrates high-dollar, high performance contract awards and execution of product and aftermarket programs. We blend multi-functional leadership experience with management skills and real-world business development concentrated in Capture and Proposal Management knowledge for manufacturing and engineering services, logistics and distribution support services, procurement services. The company’s history is complimented by career professionals in advertising, creative services, public speaking, presentation and organizational development successes. We are skilled team builders, problem solvers, and consensus builder, filling the gaps to develop winning bid solutions on schedule.

Triple Win Strategies is owned and operated by Carla Raupp. It is registered with the state of Wisconsin as an LLC. Raupp is a seasoned business development professional with established business relationships globally. Her business network leverages her more than 35 years of industry expertise to develop the scope, timeline and program needs for each project we are awarded. TWS defines a tailored solution by leveraging independent contract professionals. The staff is hand selected by TWS leadership on a project by project basis, allowing the flexibility to effectively cost and right size the appropriate experts for your project. The team includes a contingency of independent talented, seasoned, technical & creative communications professionals working primarily remote or as negotiated per client.

TWS identifies capture strategists, proposal managers, project managers, technical writers, authors, copy editors, technical illustrators, proposal writers, web developers, executive level subject matter experts, and contract negotiation specialists. The individuals are skilled, experienced freelance professionals positioned throughout the U.S.

Registration Information

DUNS: 079490860

Location - "Mobile and Global"
The business office and staff are global and mobile. TWS clients, suppliers, partners and contract professionals may be provided cloud access to the site, after authorization approval and security levels determined. TWS clients drive and determine through agreed to arrangements how personnel and data will be geographically located, manage and data accessed, ensuring a tailored client solution with controls on document configuration.

Hours of Operation
The work and clientele are global therefore the hours fluctuate based on the project timeline and location of the global client and their customer site locations.

Mission Statement

The TWS mission is to provide business development and content management support that furthers the win rate, productivity and efficiency for manufacturing and engineering services bid solutions, in domestic and international competitive markets.

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