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Carla Ennis Raupp

​Carla Ennis Raupp is a facilitator and leader. She has a vast history in project management, problem solving and consensus building. She skillfully executes business development operations to sustain the entire life cycle of the product and/or service. Raupp has led a dynamic management career successfully orchestrating high-dollar, high-performance acquisition and logistics programs and proposals. She melds multi-functional leadership and management skills that support organizational development, all while applying lean practices.

With nearly three decades of experience supporting logistics and product support for the defense industry, she has worked on both sides of the table. Before founding TWS, Raupp served as director of global proposal management for Oshkosh Defense, Oshkosh Corporation. In this role she was responsible for directing technical development of bids to U.S. and foreign governments. Her technical skills, organizational ability and management acumen led to winning proposals that supported Oshkosh Corporation awards, such as the USMC P-19 replacement program that brought in $193M in sales. In fact, Raupp has a proven record of bid development of programs valued at more than $770 million.

Her resume is complemented by advertising, creative services, public speaking, presentation and organizational development successes.

​Call 920-216-9008 or email for fast solutions that fill your resource need.