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A. Contract Administration support includes Request for Proposal (RFP) development of thorough and clear requirements documents including scope of work, performance specifications and terms and conditions. It includes internal review with appropriate technical, production and legal subject matter experts to ensure the organization’s operational requirements are met. The Contract Administrator facilitates communication to Purchasing and Engineering and other stakeholders.

B. Contract Administration includes these tasks:

c. Disseminates bids received to appropriate Evaluators and supports source selection ranking based on requirements and compliance

d. Administers and tracks all contract executable deliveries including what’s coming due, what’s due now and what if/any deliveries are delinquent. Contract Administration assures any actions taken tie to obligated funds, that are allowable for the program and documented in the formal contract.

e. The Contract Administrator affirms balance of funds at contract close out.

i.   Adhere to agency defined protocol to release the
ii.  Ensure RFP is released with access to all potential bidders
iii. Support contract technical and price proposal question and answer
iv. Confirm Q&A questions are amended to RFP and reissued, and RFP gates are met
v.  Amend language per scope changes
vi. Documents receipt of all bids received by time and date identified

a. Develop RFP requirements scope of work, performance specification, terms and conditions and payment terms

i.  Coordinate draft RFP review with internal stakeholders and subject matter experts to ensure operational, financial and legal requirements are adequately covered in the contract
ii.  Review RFP with all stakeholders, including purchasing personnel.
iii. Gain buy-in from all stakeholders
iv. Affirm agreement with all RFP language.

Contract Administration Support

b. Support release of RFP solicitation following agency defined protocol