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Graphic Design Support

Triple Win Strategies (TWS) provides professional graphic art resources. TWS offers skilled visual artists with expertise in designing graphics for Government, Engineering and Commercial proposals. The Graphic Artist defines the proposal color palette, combining the client’s brand identify with the imagery of the target agency and the proposal scope of services. This color palette is woven across the cover art, CD labels, binder spines and proposal graphics. This results in a unified professional look that reinforces the quality of our client’s company.

TWS Graphic Artists support all aspects of the overall proposal presentation by focusing on key elements to help increase win rates:

  • Create professional looking graphics, graphs and charts
  • Highlight key themes and value points
  • Pay attention to accuracy and details
  • Follow requirements for compliance and information (RFPs)
  • Meet strict deadlines

TWS offers expertise on thoughtfully designed and purposefully placed graphics that will invite the target agency in while emphasizing our client’s win themes. Graphics are best for drawing the eye to information our clients want to highlight while breaking up long stretches of text in a compelling way. Graphics can convey critical information about our client’s win themes, success factors, solutions and approach.

​Call 920-216-9008 or email info@triplewinst.com for fast solutions that fill your resource need.

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