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We understand all phases of the program lifecycle: solicitation, contract execution, follow on options and aftermarket parts/service needs. The intricate details of issuing a solicitation that is unbiased, fact driven, with clear compliance requirements can include several phases: Market Survey, Sources Sought, Request for Information, Request for Proposal. (All of which TWS has experience with development of and responding to.) Clearly and succinctly defining requirements of the technical specification, scope, period of performance and terms & conditions prior to full RFP and/or individual RFQ’s or task order release is key.  Our contract management approach mitigates and reduces supplier questions, reducing time needed to answer, and the need for multiple amendment cycles. Responsive and timely communication with stakeholders and suppliers is key to receiving proposals that are compliant, low-risk, on-schedule, on-budget and can be comparably evaluated.

TWS will support development of the requirements documents including: Draft RFP, Negotiation and Amendment, Red Line Mark-ups and Analytics Recording, Evaluation Rankings, Source Selection, Contract Award and Contract Execution. TWS supports writing of RFP(s) to drive response consistency. We support RFP responses by driving compliant contract language and issuing common and aligned RFQ’s to the industry supplier base.

Call 920-216-9008 or email info@triplewinst.com for fast solutions that fill your resource need.

Procurement Support

Triple Win Strategies (TWS) provides professional project-based resources. TWS offers Procurement Support experts in the area of Contract Administration and Purchasing Operations Support for Government Agencies and Commercial Industry, as one of our capabilities. Our support is designed to supplement existing capabilities in these critical areas. We work with clients to identify gaps and provide complementary services driving program success. TWS offers associates with experience in strategic procurement, materials management, operations, commercial and government contract administration (including negotiations) and program management.

TWS supports full contract life cycle requirements (before and after award):

  • Minimize Program Risks
  • Maximize Competitive, Compliant Bids
  • Maintain Contract Integrity
  • Drive clarity and clear interpretation

Our services bring value by driving reduction of material cost of ownership, negotiating customer contracts and streamlining processes to eliminate operational waste. TWS has proven abilities to build and lead high-performance teams, to execute bid solicitation and contract awards.

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