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A. The need for Purchasing action, including supplier assessment and selection comes before and after contract award, our Purchasing resources support Request for Proposal (RFP) and/or Requests for Quote (RFQ) to develop an accurate cost/price strategy and provide advice to client assigned experts.

​B. Purchasing Operations Support include these tasks​

Purchasing Operations Support

a. Identify and qualify potential suppliers
b. Negotiate contracts with perspective suppliers
c. Support issue of RFP and/or RFQ according to agency protocol
d. Communicate with suppliers responding to all questions and comments
e. Broadcast any requirements changes to all bidders
f. Acknowledge receipt of all bidder responses received by required submission date
g. Confirm bids/quotes received are complete and compliant with requirements (page limit, T&C, past performance, etc.)
h. Issue supplier quotes received to appropriate subject matter expert and evaluators (technical, production, contracts, etc.)
i. Coordinate review of proposals with appropriate Subject Matter Expert (SME) as the evaluators
j. Collaborate with Contract Administrator to finalize evaluation and ranking criteria for each bid submitted
k. Participate in down select of perspective suppliers
l. Issue and monitor execution of Purchase Orders (P.O.)
m. Monitor supplier services, products and shipments to ensure they meet all delivery and quality requirements
n. Create/develop process root cause analysis of defect, errors, and challenges with suppliers’ services, shipments, etc.
o. Develop and execute Master Purchase Service Agreement (MPSA) for select, long term suppliers.

Work Locations
TWS provides resources on-site at customers desired location and/or remote. The terms of the working arrangement can be agreed upon based on your program and resource requirements.

We understand time is of the essence. Our clients rely upon TWS to devote sufficient time as is reasonably necessary to fulfill the spirit and purpose of any agreement derived.

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