Team Experience​​

TWS will further your Win Rate with our
real-world experience.

  • Business Development Experts
  • Market Strategists
  • Capture Managers
  • Proposal Managers
  • Program Managers (PM)
  • Color Team Experts
  • Procurement Support
  • Project Engineers
  • Cost Estimators
  • Technical Writers
  • Proposal Systems Administrators
  • Desktop Publishers
  • Graphic Artists
  • Copy Editors
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Electrical Systems Technicians
  • Mechanical Systems Technicians
  • ​Packaging Experts

​Team Strategies

  • ​​​​​​​Task Teams are tailored to your need to further your win rate, productivity and efficiency in domestic and international competitive markets.
  • Custom selected from a pool of specialists, to seamlessly fit your company’s business strategy.
  • As your customer’s objectives evolve, with each unique capture and proposal effort TWS will align with you to drive the application of your product or service offering with the right individuals.

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for ​fast solutions that fill your resource need.

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